How to redownload your past software

Thanks for keeping up-to-date with The Graphics Creator software!

We keep past archives of your downloads up to 4 years. If you haven't logged into the Laughingbird download area or you haven't purchased any software in the past 4 years, we can't keep the account open as it takes up server space and resources.

If your software was purchased in 2016 or later, then you most likely have a current account.

Just log-in to your account here to download your products:

(Use the “Lost Password” link if you don’t remember your password).

***If you don’t see all of your purchased software (or you’re not finding your account), please submit a ticket here
( please include email receipts with the products you are missing listed (and the email address on your account). 
This is the only way we are able to confirm ownership.***

If your software was purchased before 2016...

We're glad to have you back... Let's get you up-to-date!

Laughingbird Software provides installers for our current software, which is now The Graphics Creator version 8

And, as part of our cycle of innovation, we sometimes discontinue a version or product so we can focus on delivering new and upgraded software and services (which also include the latest security updates). 

  • So, if you purchased software earlier than 2016 but don’t have your own back-up copy, here's what you can do: 

Download and install the free version of the downloadable Graphics Creator 8 here... 

Or ...

Grab your free trial of the online Web Graphics Creator here. Just log in (no downloads)!

Either of these options will get you up and running with the most recent and up-to-date software with awesome new templates and features (like motion graphics, new design tools, searchable stock photos/videos, and more).

Fun Fact: Did you know that the old Creator 7 was created in 2010? ... that's over 10 years old! 😁

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