Mac Sierra is not working, can't drag images, Mac OS

Mac has released a new version of the OS. Sierra.
(it's pretty cool! Try using Siri on your desktop. It's a game changer!)

BUT, this kind of broke The Creator.  :( 

So here's the fix:
First, make sure you're using version 7.2.6. Pull down the 'about' menu to make sure.
If you're not, download the latest update here:
Then, log back into your Members area:
RE download and REinstall the sets you'll see there.
This will add the correct graphics.
Step 2:
manually delete the .db files from your:
documents > Laughingbird Documents > logo elements folder.
When you want to use the graphics that appear above the canvas, (if you're running Mac's Sierra):
Double click them instead of dragging them.
THAT - will do it for now!
Kind of kludgy, but it'll get you back to normal


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