Can I sell what I make using the software?

The images you create from Laughingbird Software are yours to keep and do with as you like. You can resell the images you create if you choose. 

However, you are expected to follow the Terms of Use you are automatically agreeing to when you download the software.  

Read it here:

But here's the simple version of what you can and can't do in regards to selling your creations:

When you purchase ANY Laughingbird Software product, which includes but is not limited to, The Graphics Creator 8, The Web Graphics Creator, The Creator 7, The Logo Creator, The Business Card Creator, and all add-on template sets and graphics packs, as well as any new products developed by Laughingbird, you’re allowed to create images with the software: A banner, logo, Facebook graphic, blog image, or . That’s what the software is for.

If you create something from a template on the canvas (a banner, a logo, or a new mascot character, for example) using at least two unique elements (text and an image for example), you’re allowed to resell these creations (as long as they don’t contain material copyrighted by others, as discussed below).

This applies IF you create a NEW and unique image from the original.

For example:

Dragging text and a character onto the canvas to make a banner image. This is an example of what you CAN do.

What you CAN’T do is sell the images outright as they are (a cartoon mascot character, for example), individually or in a package. Also, you may NOT resell the software unless you are a registered Laughingbird Affiliate.

If you purchase additional images by any 3rd Party, please know that you must do your own due diligence before trying to resell the final compiled image.

If, for example, you use or purchase an image (including a graphic, photo or video) from any retailer or stock agency, even if the images are free or “royalty-free” – make sure you understand THEIR rules for reselling those images, and understand that any company that sells images may not allow resale rights or commercial use.

Laughingbird Software is not responsible in any way, for any type of image, that you have used or imported into Laughingbird Software.

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