Old Creator 7 templates not showing in version 8

If you're using the new Graphics Creator 8 and you can't see some of your older version 7 templates...

This most likely means you're a long time user of the software and some of your version 5, 6, or 7 templates are not compatible with the new version 8.

Please try this:

Open your  Documents folder on your computer and look for: 

Laughingbird Documents > Logo Elements

( If you see "character creator" and "people pack" --- move those folders to your desktop into a safe place. They most likely contain really old files (you may see ".db" files in them).

Also, if you see any files that may have '.swf' extension (flash files), or ".DB" at the end of the name, ...move them out as well. 

They're old and they break the software (and you can't use them anyway. SWF files are no longer valid around the web. Most unfortunate).

Seems like a lot of work maybe but this will get you up and running 

If this still doesn't help, hit the contact link above in the menu and we'll get you taken care of  :)

- Marc and Lisa

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