What's the difference between The Graphics Creator 8 and The Web Graphics Creator online?

What’s the difference between the online Web Graphics Creator and the Creator 8 downloadable software?

To start... The Graphics Creator 8 is a downloadable product with separate, add-on sets you can use on your own computer (this is a purchased upgrade).  It has tons of new features, like motion graphics/video, new tools, and free searchable images/videos, etc. Also, if you already have older Creator 7 templates, they'll work with Graphics Creator 8, so you'll have whatever templates you've already purchased as well.

The Online Graphics Creator is our online software that lets you just log-in and create graphics "in the cloud" (there's even a one-time, Lifetime payment option). You do need a decent internet connection (but this also means you can sign in from anywhere and on any computer). We recommend using the Chrome browser.

Of course, you can make awesome graphics and visual content with either.

The Web Graphics Creator has a few additional features and benefits.

1. You get access to all 1000+ templates (+ tons of elements) in the Web Graphics Creator at any time... there are no individual packs to purchase or install.

2. You get access to these designs anytime, from anywhere you have a wifi network or hotspot. You just log in online. All of the original templates are there AND any templates you've modified and saved.

3. We’ll also continue to update and add features, as well as templates, but you'll never need to pay more than your subscription price (or one-time Lifetime payment).

Hope that helps!

P.S.  Some people like to have both the online and downloadable versions, in case they don't have a good internet connection or they have templates they've already saved from the old Creator 7. It's completely up to you.

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