I've just reinstalled the software... NO TEMPLATES

If you've just reinstalled the Graphics Creator 8 (or The Creator 7 / Logo Creator software) and you're not seeing all of the templates you think you should be seeing. 

Read this:

You have The Creator7 or The Graphics Creator 8. These are apps.
On a Windows computer, the app will be installed into your Program Files folder.
On a Mac computer, the app will be installed into your Applications folder.

When you purchase a template or graphics package (from: https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/laughingbird-software/ ) you will download it. And you will use the Installer to install it onto your computer.

The templates and graphics will be installed into your DOCUMENTS folder on your computer (inside a folder named "Laughingbird Documents")

Now, if you MOVE the app away from your original computer (you move the app from your laptop to your desktop computer for example)... The APP will not work UNTIL you also install the templates and graphics onto the NEW computer.

When The Graphics Creator app launches, it will look into your Documents > Laughingbird Documents folder for the templates and graphics.
If there are no templates in the Laughingbird Documents folder, you won't see any templates inside the app.

Make sense?

So, bottom line: Revisit your Laughingbird Members download area - download the template sets you have. And install them.

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