The #1 reason that you cannot log into your account is... you are using the wrong email address.

Many of you have been with us for years and years. And you, therefore, have multiple eMail addresses.

If you have made a purchase, the system knows and unlocks your account... but  only IF you are logged in with the same email you set up your account with.

So make 100% sure that you are using the correct eMail and correct spelling :)

The #2 reason that you cannot log into your account is...

You are using the wrong password.

In this case, please use the "Lost password" reset button found underneath the login fields. You'll need to check your email for password reset information. If you don't find this email, then make sure to check your spam and/or junk email boxes!

The #3 reason that you cannot log into your account is...

If you have purchased software way back before 2016, then chances are your account is inactive. Look on your receipt: If it says "Digital River" or "Cleverbridge" or even "JVZoo" then your software is really outdated.

Unfortunately, if you didn't back up your software (and have lost it), then you won't be able to access your old version.

In this case, take a look at the current Graphics Creator version 8 software. Either of the below options will get you up and running with the most recent and up-to-date software with awesome new templates and features (like motion graphics, new design tools, searchable stock photos/videos, and more).

Download and install the free version of the downloadable Graphics Creator 8 here....  

Or ...

Grab your free trial of the online Web Graphics Creator here. Just login (no downloads)!

NOTE:   The ONLY reason the download icons will be grayed out (not allowing you to download) is if you have A) not purchased the software or B) you have purchased, but you're logging in with a different eMail address.

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