What's the difference between Logo elements and Logo templates?

Elements are all the pretty things like orbs, swooshes, stars, the 3D male and female characters, and other individual items, including photos!

Templates contain many elements.  A template is a logo pre-made to get you started, It typically has a background, some text, and some elements (Like a 3d character, a swoosh, or a star). You can also make your own templates. The Logo Creator stores all the parts of a logo in it's own folder. 

Once you've created your logo and when you decide "WOW!  That's the world best logo, let's export it"  You choose the export image menu option, then choose the PNG, or JPG image format.  


... The Logo Creator "flattens" the image (basically, it takes a screenshot of what you have on your canvas) and smooshes all elements into 1 image, doing away with all the layering info and creates the image in the PNG or JPG format.

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