No Account in our member area?

If you've tried to login to your member's area and get a "no such user" message you may have purchased your software before March of 2015.
I was using another service called "JVzoo" and another company called "Cleverbridge"

We started using the member area on March 6th, 2015. Any purchases made before that date have to be manually set up in the member area.

If you would like to be able to download your past purchases (if you purchased BEFORE March 6th, 2015),
Please send in full copies of your receipts / confirmation emails with your support request and once your submissions are reviewed you will have your account set up in member area.


• Log into your PayPal account. Paypal, by default will only go back two years.  You can choose a custom date range and go back 3 years. 

• Get your transaction history from Cleverbridge (who handled our orders for almost 3 years). You cannot download old orders from Cleverbridge.
Use this link to get your Transaction History from Cleverbridge:

Below is what you usually see when you do not have an account in our new member area.

If you click on "Forgot Password" and still get a "no such user" message, that means you do not have an account in our member area.

The member area is totally separate from the Laughingbird Software Forum- which requires it's own login ID and password.

The image below is just a picture, it's not the actual Login!

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