How do I access my Youtube Channel Graphics Creator Add on pak?

The Youtube channel Graphics Creator is accessed from within The Logo Creator.


 From the SELECT A TEMPLATE SET button, Simply choose Youtube Banners, Youtube thumbnails or The bumper templates to get started.

 You must use the newly created icon(s) on your desktop (Use either one--- they both do the same thing, even though one may say "Installer)"-- they start version 6.8.11 of The Logo Creator. NOT EVERYONE MAY HAVE 2 NEW ICONS, AND THAT'S OK.

If you had old shortcuts on your desktop you used to start The Logo Creator with (version 6.8 for example) They are not used to start version 6.8.11!

On my computer the names of icons is limited to two lines of text, yours may be a bit different... The icons used for version 6.8.11 are slightly larger than the one used for version 6.8

Both of these icons do the same thing: They actually start version 6.8.11 of The Logo Creator!

Below is an explanation about the slight difference in icon size.

There is not a totally separate program that only says "Youtube Channel Graphics Creator"-- When you start the newest version of "The Logo Creator" (After installing the Youtube channel Graphics Creator) it actually says "Laughingbird Software" in the upper left corner of the screen, it no longer says "The Logo Creator"!

Version 6.8 AND Version 6.8.11 both look exactly alike when you first start the program and look at this part of your screen.




In the title bar (that's the top most border of the open window) it will say "The Logo Creator"





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